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Telekom Streetgig Klassik

Berlin Hamburg Remote

Telekom Streetgig Klassik

Projects · Some years ago, this would have been my personal nightmare:

The scenario involves some of the best talent in the world playing Beethoven in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. It would be my job to deliver a live sound quality that represents the incredible ability of this orchestra. And I am controlling everything 250 kilometres away.

 Today, things have changed; ‘remote control' is a regular occurrence – as it allows for many more benefits in quality, technology and budget.

 I’m now sitting in the best possible environment; Teldex Studios in Berlin and I’m with my renowned colleague and multiple Grammy winner, Tonmeister Tobias Lehmann. We’re working live and remote, but together we craft a live sound that has an enhanced dynamic and detail.

 We produced Street Gig Classics for Telekom Magenta and mixed the whole show remotely.

The difference in quality was audible for everyone to hear. Once again, the Remote Recording workflow added to the production value whilst saving time, travel costs and reducing our carbon footprint.Photo by Phil Koller/Fabrikx: Tobias Lehmann(r) and Peter Brandt (l) at Teldex Studios  Berlin producing the first Telekom Streetgig Classic.

Since we refined our remote tech stack, we were even able to produce the whole show using consumer level internet and a mix of 5G, DSL and fibre connection. I’m stoked to see what we can achieve next with our remote system. We’re just at the beginning!

And many thanks to Tobias and Team Teldex. It was an honour once again to have you in the crew! And thanks again to Telekom Deutschland and Live Nation for using our Remote Recording, Mixing and Mastering process again.


Photo by Phil Koller/Fabrikx: Tobias Lehmann(r) and Peter Brandt (l) at Teldex Studios Berlin

Beethoven X Artificial Intelligence meets Remote Mixing.

World Premiere

Beethoven X Artificial Intelligence meets Remote Mixing.

Projects · On behalf of Telekom Deutschland and Live Nation, Remote Mixing recently produced the broadcast sound for the world premiere of the Beethoven KI Project and once again, set another milestone in remote control of high-quality production.

Whilst Dirk Kaftan conducted the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn performing movements three and four of the AI Project and the eighth Beethoven Symphony, we mixed the music streaming sound in real time in the ideal, acoustically calibrated control room of Tonstudio Boecker in the neighbouring city of Cologne.

Our Remote Recording Network Hub - powered by Riedel ROC - transported audio, video, communication and control data over secure connections. Consumer internet was used with a mix of Telekom 5G, DSL and fibre connection.

Our Team:
René Möller(Teldex) - Tonmeister
Peter Brandt - Balance engineer
Sven Raff - Recording engineer
Oliver Voges - Recording engineer
Karsten `Kasi`Heyn`(Riedel) - IT and communication engineer

Many thanks to Artur Koll (Yamaha), Jan Ehrlich (Direct Out), Henry Röhr (MTI) for the technical support and  Andreas Maier and his team.

Link to the concert:

Machiavelli Sessions


Machiavelli Sessions

Projects · Here's another remote audio production that we want to tell you about.

This time we were at The Opera House in Chemnitz recording The Robert-Schumann-Philharmonie with conductor Gordon Hamilton and soloists Max Herre, Sugar MMFK and Nura for the `Machiavelli Sessions`.

260km away, our 'remote' production team was based in Ballsaal Studio, Berlin and included Tonmeister Tobias Lehmann(Teldex), engineer Alexandre Sitnikov with technical director Peter Brandt producing. 

Despite the distance, it really felt as though we were sitting in the room next door to the orchestra as the studio's acoustic environment and monitoring was perfectly-suited for this orchestral application. This appears to be one of several new benefits to remote location productions.

The event was produced take by take with flawless communications and audio transmission and with zero latency on the click tracks.

From the 'Green' aspect, we saved three crew travel, 12 nights of hotel accommodation, sound truck travel and the time-consuming setup of a control room. As a bonus we saved an average 800kg of carbon dioxide compared to the conventional location recording process. This includes the saved electricity used in the sound truck and fuel for crew travel and tractor-trailer.

Thank you: Sven Raff, Sven Kallenbach from 360X Media, Sebastian `Bub´ Wolf, Dominik Opiela, Adapoe and the great crew from the Chemnitz Opera House, Jens Lahnor from 2Bild in Cologne and Karsten`Kasi`Heyn from Riedel Communications.
Picture: Sven Raff


Raderberger Sessions #1

Streaming Extraordinaire

Raderberger Sessions #1

Projects · Raderberger Sessions #1- Moritz von Kleist’s Tonwerkstatt Live at Studio Boecker

Four excellent musicians
A passionate team of Chefs
A couple of RED 6k cameras
A handful of world-class microphones and preamps

Put them all into a studio with natural light
After one hour of rich energy, soulful grooving… we have a feast ready for the eyes and ears.

Nils Tegen – drums
Reza Askari – bass
Ryan Carniaux – trumpet
Moritz von Kleist – saxophone

Peter Brandt – sound engineer

Nils Vogt – camera
Josias van Zyl – camera
Steven Altig – camera

Hieronymus Caspar Rönneper – photos

Manuel Ernst – director, concept

Thanks to nilsvanernst and Studio Boecker for using our music mixing services.

ZDF - Stay Live!

ZDF - Stay Live!

Projects · All concerts of the ZDF-Stay Live trilogy are now online at -

Thanks to Neoxfilm and Turbokultur for inviting us to handle the broadcast audio.

And a big 'Thank You' to ZDF for creating this format, which is not only a concert event but also a testimony to the time that we live in.

We 'remote-controlled' the recording and live mastering from Cologne and worked in close cooperation with the band engineers to achieve stunning results.

Check it out:

@ZDF Mediathek

All artists in the pictures have been PCR tested, as well as our crew in Berlin, Leipzig and Hamburg and in the Cologne based RemoteMixRoom.

Artist photos Anne Wilk, Courtesy of ZDF.


Crew Nation


Projects · Another mixed-reality milestone production using our real time Remote Mastering services between Hamburg and New York to finetune the sound for
Adel Tawil, Die Fantastischen Vier, Eskimo Callboy, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Joy Denalane, Johannes Oerding, Lea, Milky Chance, Peter Maffay, Rea Garvey and The BossHoss.
Thanks to Live Nation and Deutsche Telekom for keeping moving in these trying times and for inviting us again to share in the project.
Please have a look at  to see the spectacular pictures and stunning sound produced as a  mixed reality performance with brand new technology and procedures in broadcast sound and vision.

Part One

Wacken World Wide 2020 Changed Everything

Part One

Projects · Remote Recording Network Going Green.
We had decided to take our flagship truck off the road; the truck that has recorded thousands of shows featuring global artists as The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson,
Queen, Sting, Toto, AC/DC, Germany's Maffay, Westernhagen, Grönemeyer, Rock am Ring, Wacken…
Sound trucks as we know them are no longer be needed… anywhere… in the world.