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An apple a day...

An apple a day...

Projects · Remote Recording Network recently recorded the broadcast audio for celebrated musician Herbert Grönemeyer at his CD 'Tumult' release party.

Nothing special about that? The special fact is that using their RemoteMixing resource, RRN's recording engineer Sven Raff was in Cologne at the time, whilst Peter Brandt and the Grönemeyer party venue was in Berlin! 

The CD Release Show aired on ZDF german Television November 09, 2018.

Die Fantastischen Vier

Die Fantastischen Vier

People · Telekom Streetgig - Fantastic Four

Sven and Peter working on the audio mix for the Magenta Musik 360 stream and broadcast of 'Die Fantastischen Vier' live from Kraftwerk Berlin - September 01, 2018.

Photo and idea: Georg Wehle

Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 in Genuine Immersive 3D Audio

Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 in Genuine Immersive 3D Audio

Projects · Cologne based 3D-audio production company Sphereo has been contracted by the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival, EPFL University Lausanne and Western Digital to record and stream performances in the Stravinsky Auditorium in Montreux. 

A key feature of Sphereo 3D-audio is its use of ‘3rd order ambisonics to binaural’ and SPAT Revolution 3D-audio mixing engine, both in combination with a custom-built Sphereo position-tracking system.

The Sphereo audio mixes use precisely positioned instruments and soloists (in height and pan) which smoothly and accurately follow a moving 360 degree video picture in the Virtual Reality headset. This approach makes the VR live concert experience truly realistic.

This is a giant step forward in bringing high-quality 3D-audio and Virtual Reality to consumer devices such as mobile phones, tablets or VR Goggles.

Thanks to Sphereo for relying on Remote Recording Network’s music mixing expertise.

From left to right with a spectacular view:  Andi Zwirchmair, Peter Brandt, Fabian Knauber, Jonas Gehrmann, Eduardo le Comte

Photo by Dr. Alain Dufaux

Best Of Both Worlds

Best Of Both Worlds

Projects · When the Artist wants the 'best of both worlds' with our RemoteTaxi Flightpack. Recording Ilse DeLange at her 20 year anniversary shows at the Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam on 23 + 24 June 2018.

In the left rack: A selection of vintage and hi-end preamps such as Neumann, Great River, EarthWorks, Brent Averil and Chandler.

And in the right rack: Merging Horus A/D conversion into Pro Tools plus two backup systems via Ravenna Network.

TV Skyline

TV Skyline


Welcome TV Skyline - the innovative service provider for television and broadcasting from Mainz / Germany.

TV Skyline, with one of the most modern  4K / hi-definition OB fleet and flight-pack systems over Europe are equipped with the latest and highest-quality broadcast technology. For over 25 years, TV Skyline has created productions at the highest level for customers around the world in the fields of sports, entertainment, concert and event production.

TV Skyline is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of special camera systems. In-house studio operations and facilities in the field of digitalisation and post-production complete the service portfolio.

Remote Recording Network is happy to have TV Skyline on board.

Photo by TV Skyline.

The Times They are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan 1964

The Times They are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan 1964

The Other Side Of The Table · Part 2

A rucksack packed with high-tech gear is all it takes to record tracks for musicians in 2018… and the future. Not always the case, but happening much more often.

- a rucksack

- a mains distribution

- a Glyph harddrive

- a Telekom high speed connection

- a set of network-and audio cables

- a DirectOut Technologies Dante-Madi interface

- a pair of Ultrasone headphones

- a MacBook Pro

- and a good paperback book to read while the others are still setting up.

Stow away your luggage during taxi, takeoff and landing…

The Times They are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan 1964

The Times They are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan 1964

The Other Side Of The Table · Part 1

In the 'good old days' (the last time was in 2012), when we recorded superstars - artist, artist, artist, artist - on our favourite medium of analogue tape, we needed a big truck, lots of diesel, a huge mixing console, large crew and big budgets.