Welcome to the new world of Remote Show Productions and the new generation of Remote Recording. The future of production and a game-changing, environmentally friendly solution for live events, recording, mixing, broadcasting, lighting and sound.

Operating within Remote Recording Network, Remote Music Productions is a game-changing approach to live event recording, mixing and broadcasting in keeping with the environmental necessities of the 21st Century.

Remote Music Productions comprises Grammy award-winning engineer/producers who continually aim for sonic excellence. Their ability and pedigree is without question and is fundamental in achieving this premier production service.

Remote Music Productions enables global flexibility. Using Remote Mixing, our technical team has developed seamless digital connectivity which allows the artist (for example) to perform in New York, the live mix to be controlled in Cologne via a certified Remote Mix Room with further ‘Secure Remote Listening Systems’ set-up, as required, anywhere around the world.

Equipment and human movement is minimized, resulting in a low carbon footprint and allowing all the ‘right people’ to be in the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’.

Remote Mixing

Multitrack recording/live mixing all events, to any format, plus you control the mix anywhere in the world in a 'certified' RemoteMixRoom of your choice.
Applications: Festivals, TV shows, large scale live productions, ideal for recording for post-production.
* Instant mix for 'Live Live' broadcast/stream or 'Live to Tape' from a 'certified' remote site chosen by you.
* Mix controlled by you.
* Private and secure VPN
* Superior 'mix' acoustic environment
* E.G. You mix in New York while the artist performs in Paris. Mix in any certified worldwide location. 
* Small Crew.
* Reduced costs.
* Additional Remote Listening Kits available for monitoring at another location

Who we are.

Welcome to Remote Recording Network:

We are a unique, global audio-location-recording and post-production service producing genuine immersive 3D-audio recordings and mixes.

Where we are today - optimised carbon footprint with Remote Mixing.

The company’s evolution has always included an awareness of climate protection, sustainability and working with an ‘optimised carbon footprint’. So less gear, less power consumption, less crew and less travel were fundamental elements allowing RRN to make savings in CO2 emission.

In practice, RRN developed Remote Mixing; a seamless digital connectivity allowing (for example), the artist to perform at Paris and the live mix to be controlled in New York or Cologne via certified Remote Mix Rooms. (See below illustration.)

Presence on-site to record a performance will be minimal - no tractor/trailer required. A Remote Taxi Flight Pack will be sited in a convenient location near the performance area or in our Remote Taxi outside the venue.

This method optimises the recording process, resulting in a significantly lower carbon-footprint and production costs. In short, RRN deliver the ‘right people’ to the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’ to create the ‘perfect production’.

Our future - aiming to be carbon neutral.

Along with continually refining our workflow in Remote Mixing and 3D audio technology, we are working towards further carbon reduction with a future focus on a net zero carbon footprint by involvement in certified carbon offset projects.

Our history - razor blade editing.

Remote Recording Network (RRN) is a group of world-class live recording and mixing engineers with the finest ears around. Between us, we have more than two hundred years of experience, whilst also delivering the next generation of young and talented engineers amongst our team.

Our recording experience goes back to the time of razor blade editing, however we are constantly developing and updating our technology and procedures - whilst always maintaining the focus on superior sonic quality.

Remote Recording Network is an initiative developed by Peter Brandt in 2012 with the idea of bringing together Europe's market-leading live recording companies and their crews. Years of knowledge and vast production resources are now brought together to supply an unrivalled, world-wide recording and post-production service.

Finally, please take a look at 'Off The Grid' in our main menu which gives inside views of our new enterprises, project updates as well as some blasts from the past. Stay tuned!

Classic Remote Recording with RRN Mobiles

Multitrack recording and mixing for live broadcast.
Applications: Festivals, TV shows, large scale live productions.
* Instant mix for 'Live Live' broadcast/stream or 'Live to Tape' recording.